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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Families Inspiring Families

Yesterday we had to find the new obscure Immigration Office to extend Karen's visa... We stood in lines, filled out forms, stapled photos, etc. While milling about the lobby, we noticed an Australian family with 2 young girls also filling out forms... and they had a copy of LOTR "Fellowship of the Rings" on the table. "Hey are you girls reading that? It's one of our favorite books," we asked...

It turns out that they are reading LOTR as a family each night (just like we did 2 years ago), and they just finished hiking the Annapurna Circuit last week!!! "Wow, that's awesome!!! We hiked the AC last year with OUR girls!" "Really?,"asked John (their dad), "did your family have a blog?" Yes.... "And are your girls 2 blondes and a redhead?" YES???? "Oh right, your blog really helped us over the Pass! People thought we were crazy to bring the kids, but we read your blog a few times and felt much more confident and relaxed about doing this trek..."

What great coincidence to meet the fun and wonderful Vazey family, here in Kathmandu on a random Tuesday in the crowded Immigration office, and what a treat to hear that our adventure helped to inspire theirs. We, in turn, have been so inspired and encouraged by other families and friends over the years. It is fantastic to know their are tons of people out there, sharing this wonderful world with their kids! That's what the planet needs... more good stewards, respectful travelers, active adventurers, and curious cultural ambassadors. Teach the children well!

Back in Nepal... for Bird-watching Projects!!!

After 10 months away, Karen and I are back in Kathmandu! It's really a dream come true, as we had no idea how long it would be until we were able to return... Our kids (reluctantly) stayed home this time, as this is only a short working trip. Paul is here for 10 days, and Karen stays for one month. This is actually the first time in 13 years that we've taken a big trip without our children! Our philosophy has always been to travel with our kids and for our kids benefit... We've always planned our big adventures to experience together, so this is something quite different!

Due to the great success and enthusiasm for Karen's birding program at the Kailash Hostel last year, the HYF (Himalayan Youth Foundation) invited us to return. Our goal is to work with the students, continue their training & education, and help them to create a long-term sustainable bird-watching "Eco-club." We are so grateful for the energy and passion that these students have shown us, and also incredibly thankful for HYF's support in bringing us back to Nepal!!!

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