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BIRD LIST for NEPAL - Recently Updated!!!

Holy Toledo have we been seeing a TON of amazing birds!!!  Karen has been a birding phenom everywhere we go.  Binoculars always at the ready, bird book in hand...  She's even started a "birding club" at the Kailash Hostel, which offers subsidized room and board for 80-90 of the students at our volunteer school.

Many of these birds were spotted out in the hills during our Annapurna Circuit trek. She hopes to add some photos too....   Here is the list.... so far!

Nepal Bird List

Ashy Drongo
Black Drongo
Blue-Capped Redstart
Long-Tailed Shrike
Grey-Hooded Warbler
Upupa Epops (Hoopoe)
Black Kite
Yellow Wagtail
White-Capped Water Redstart
Plumbeous Water Redstart
Little Forktail
Yellow-Rumped Honeyguide
White-Throated Laughingthrush
Ashy-Throated Warbler
Verditer Flycatcher
Black Bulbul
Mountain Bulbul
Yellow-Breasted Greenfinch
Collared Treepie
Green-Backed Tit
Himalayan Griffon
Mountain Hawk Eagle
Eurasian Jay
Long-Tailed Minivet
Grey-Winged Blackbird
Golden-Spectacled Warbler
Buff-Barred Warbler
Blue-Capped Redstart
Spotted Nutcracker
Red-Billed Chough
Yellow-Billed Chough
Mountain Scops Owl
Black Redstart
White-Tailed Robin
Oriental Turtle Dove
Rock Pigeon
Hill Pigeon
Grey-Throated Babbler
Yellow-Cheeked Tit
White-Winged Grosbeak
Rufous-Vented Tit
Rufous-Breasted Accentor
Blue-Rock Thrush
White-Throated Redstart
Hodgson’s Redstart
Golden Eagle (sub-adult)
Peregrine Falcon (Thoughts of Jeff)
Eurasian Crag Martin
Blue-Fronted Redstart
White-Winged Redstart
Winter Wren (!)
Oriental White-eye
Eurasian Tree Sparrow
Wall Creeper (so cool)
Common Raven (my sweet)
Tickell’s Leaf Warbler
Alpine Accentor
Beautiful Rosefinch
Rock Bunting
Yellow-Bellied Fantail
Maroon Oriole
Grey-Backed Shrike
Grey-Crested Tit
White-Tailed Nuthatch
White-Crowned Forktail
Blue Whistling Thrush
Chestnut-Tailed Minla
Red-Tailed Minla
Rufous Sibia
Himalayan Swiftlets
Coal Tit
Great Barbet (!!)
Striated Whistling Thrush
Mrs. Gould’s Sunbird
White-Rumped Munia
Brown-Throated Treecreeper
Jerdon’s Bushchat
Black-Throated Tit
Black-Lored Tit
Ashy Bulbul
Himalayan Bulbul
Common Tailorbird
Brown Dipper
White-Eared Bulbul
White-Crested Laughingthrush
Oriental Magpie Robin
Golden Bush Robin
House Sparrow
Grey Wagtail
White Wagtail
Large Niltava
Common Iora
Crow-Billed Drongo
Satyr Tragopan
Bay Woodpecker
Blue-Throated Barbet
White-Throated Kingfisher
House Swift
Barn Owl
Demoiselle Crane
Black-Shouldered Kite
Hen Harrier
Common Kestrel
Wooly-Necked Stork
Little Grebe