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Friday, November 5, 2010

Maya & Dawn's Arrival!!!

Yeah! The big day has FINALLY come, and our girls are ecstatic!Our El Portal friends, the Canapary Family, arrived last night!!! Edward, Andrea, Maya & Dawn flew in from Bangladesh at night, and we had quite a fine reunion at the airport... They'll stay here in Nepal for a month and a half, volunteering at an orphanage, and then joining us for trekking, rafting, and elephanting in Chitwan. It is SO fun to greet friends in foreign countries! What a blast to meet them, and just whisk them "home" to our guest house down familiar streets and alleys.... We'll have a few vacation days from school, due to the Tihar holiday, so we can explore together.

As we were waiting for their emergence from the immigration and screening area, we were entertained by the presence of a huge dead rat.... right on the floor in the middle of the exit doors! About a hundred travelers walked right by, and over it, without making contact. It was astounding! No one would make eye contact with the Rat, but their feet, luggage carts, and roller suitcases all missed the thing by mere centimeters! Just to the left..... just to the right....
right over it with wheels, but straddling it on each side. When the Canaparys arrived, they ran over to our waiting girls, danced around, hugged & squealed.... but never squashed the rat. It could still be there. Watch your step when you fly into Kathmandu!!!

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