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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It’s ON the menu… Should we order one!?

Here in Thailand, and of course in Nepal, we’ve been savouring delicious food on a daily basis… In the old days, there usually weren’t menus, and both Karen and I recall walking into the kitchen to see what was available, then using lots of pointing and sign-language to order. Nowadays, “English” menus are everywhere, and we’ve spotted a few pretty interesting options….

We can start the day off nicely, according to this Thai menu, because “breakfast is the nice start to day. You can mix energize food for make good taste and a healthy.” How about a cup of “Cffe” to go with your “Scream Bleed Egg on Toast.” Or do you prefer “2 eggs any stole?” I hear their “Dabble Egg Pupcake” is delicious!

Fancy some fresh bakery items? How about a “Shinamon Rool, Brouned Role, or Aple Sturoll?” If you’d like something sweeter, try their “Aple Croumble” and “Choklete Coreation,” and finish it off with a hot slice of “Choklete Cock” if you dare!

Main courses? Oh yeah baby… every menu in Boudha has a “fing” section, which is, we think, a rice noodle type dish. We often ate “Fing Tank,” and “Buff Fing.” Others we didn’t try included, Spicey Flat Fing, Clocked Pork Fing, and Charpi non-Mushroom Fing. A few others that we steered clear of were the Ox Tripe Gastric Wall, Red oil with Ear Piece, Crips Pork in Screen Bowel, Salad Tongue, and our all time favorite delicacy, Seweage Drop Egg in Soup! I wonder how many foreigners order that one!?

Oh I’m sorry, you are a “vageterian.” In Nepal, that’s no problem! There are lots of vagetarians here… You can always go for the Vagetable Frird Race, 3-Silk Vage with Red Oil, Cassarool of Fish in Sour Vage, or Big Meat with Vage Sauce.

Had enough? Still hungry!? Chapattis are a staple all across south Asia, so you won’t be disappointed if you choose Chaparie fried Chapati, plain Chaparle per pics, or Egg-Fred Chaparle per pics. I always order my Chaparles by the Pics!

Do you like fish? I love fish… Let’s try the Splash with Spice Fish! Or perhaps the Dong-pu Fish with Thai Big Piece? If you’re extra hungry you should definitely get a “Steam Hole Fish.” If you catch one yourself, I’m sure they’ll ‘cock’ it for you! Or ‘clock’ it? Whatever….

I prefer a cold beer, but a “Hot Dronke” can be great after your meal… Karen loves sipping a nice Red Wine (by the Gass)… we never did order the “Spy Wine.” Hmmm…

Tomorrow I think we’ll splurge on a huge feast and share the Sir & Turf, Fried Baby Cord with Chicken, Frid Meat Sice with Silk of Ckenich, and Baked Crap with Prawn! I just love that baked crap!

Bon Appetit!

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