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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Safely back home...

Ahhhh... We are now back HOME in El Portal! It is so wonderful to sit by the cozy fire, petting our (rather plump) cat, and hear the kids snoring in bed. I am WIDE awake at 3am, surrounded by piles of "stuff" unpacked all over the floor, working on a lengthy "to do" list. Also trying to locate enough warm layers, as it's below freezing here, with frosty snow on the hilltops. Quite a change from tropical Thai beaches.

Our flights home were smooth and easy... Wonderful grandparents met us at the airport with hugs galore... Driving was a snap, even after spending 4 months on the "wrong" side of the roads.

So here we begin the next adventure, and try to process and truly appreciate these past several months of incredible experience. Transitioning back home to our "normal" life is always challenging for me. We'll try to go slowly, and take it step by step... All in good time...


  1. Hi Paul, Karen and family!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts! Reading about your trip, especially traveling with the kids has been inspiring! It is so easy to get bogged down with the craziness and daunting task of travel as a family. Thank you for providing such a wonderful example of what can be done with your young ones when so many people say forget it and stay at home. You guys are awesome and don't forget, if you ever find yourselves wanting to make a trip to Colorado you have somewhere to stay!
    Take care and Namaste, Hollie Sprague

  2. Hi Paul and Karen and kids :0) It's Kerry and Brian here - the Kiwis from the Annapurna Trek - we met on Thorong La! We're still travelling so haven't had much internet time but we just read your blogs and they are wonderful! It's always nice to meet people as passionate about travel as we are. Like you, our adventure is about to end - we fly home to Melbourne in just under three weeks to "normal" life. Oh dear..! Actually there are things we are looking forward to like a kitchen and our garden so hopefully the transition will not be too hard. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and hope you are all well - did the big fossil make it home in one piece?! Please also say hi to Marcin for us too.

    Cheers, Kerry and Brian
    (currently in Ubud, Bali)