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Friday, October 15, 2010

Made it over Thorung La - 17,500'

Yahooooo! We are now lounging in amazing medieval KAGBENI, one day after
successfully crossing the Thorung La (17,500')! Our kids did SO WELL slogging uphill at such high altitude!

Started about 5am with headlamps at 14,500' in Thorung Phedi. Kumar, the proprietor, ran out in the dark to slip each girl a Snickers bar as a gift... Our steep ascent was fueled by that chocolate, a belly-full of chai, and constant stories... Sunrise began kissing several astouding 20,000+ peaks around 6am... We pushed on, being passed by many other huffing and puffing trekkers, all of whom were impressed with our 6, 9, and 12 year old girls and their positive attitudes. Stopping frequently for water and snack breaks, we maintained our "bistari bistari jaane" pace (slowly, slowly going!).

Reached the windy pass around 9am, and enjoyed hot tea, prayer flags galore, and awesome nearby glaciers and snowy peaks. We had crystal clear blue-sky weather, and could see from Annapurna 3 & 4 all the way to Dhaulagiri... Ridiculous alpine scenery! (So fortunate, as today is cloudy and socked in... no views of distant peaks)

After about an hour of snapping photos and sipping hot tea (yes, there is now a little cozy tea shack at 17,500!), we began the knee banging 5,000' descent to Muktinath... Pulled in for an early dinner and foot massage! We stayed in the Mona Lisa hotel, as the Bob Marley Lodge next door was full.... Darn! We are SO PROUD of our trekkin' girls!!!


  1. Read all of your posts this evening. Put a big smile on my face. It is so wonderful hearing about all of your travels and I can picture each one of you sharing your stories. It sounds like a marvelous family adventure. Eliza, Sylvie and Lupin -- WOW on the big hike!!! Love the new hair dos!


  2. Thanks Ingelise! Wait til you see the new school uniforms... pretty cute!

    I guess we should be thinking about ski team right now, eh? I can see snowy peaks right outside my window at the moment!

  3. ahh leaving at 5:00 AM. I would have loved to see the sun rise. Excellent job everyone. We all are excited to hear about your adventures. Did you do any chant dancing while at 17500 ft?

  4. Ohhh YES Doctor! The chant-dancing was fast and furious at 17,500'! We were totally exhausted, but a nice cup of chai helped us to pull through! Once the chant-dancing becomes Chai-dancing, you know you'll be OK!