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Monday, October 25, 2010

Today was our daughters' First Day of School!

First Impressions of School from Lupin, Sylvie & Eliza:

· I made a new friend named Passang. She sits next to me, and is really nice, friendly and helpful…

· It was sooooo fun today. I met a friend with a really long name, but her short name she said was, “Linda!” Can you believe that? Linda!? Other kids were calling her Linda, and I thought it was really funny name for a Nepali or Tibetan girl!

· The lunch food was REALLY good, and you get refills, and the bowls were huge… so I got stuffed! They come around to give you more dahl with huge silver buckets and a scooper. I loved the dahl...

· The food was really good! There are these HUGE pots of dahl and rice in the kitchen that are almost as big as a bathtub. All the kids help serve and set up tables in the courtyard of the building. The older kids help the younger ones, so I ended up feeding a small girl who was about 3 or 4 years old. I had to feed her carefully and scoop the dribble off her chin, and make sure it wasn’t too hot. It was kind of weird in school, but she was really cute kid.

· I didn’t really like it sooo much, but the kids were really nice. I could tell some of them were whispering about me. Tenzin asked me “will you be my friend.” And I said “of course.” The other younger Tenzin wanted to know what music I liked, and asked if I liked “TeeLo Sweet?” I figured out that she meant Taylor Swift!

· Another girl helped me out a lot, and gave me her eraser when I needed one.

· I’m surprised how small my classroom is, and that there are only 19 kids! We stay in the same room, and have to stand up and say “hello Ma’am” just like in India.

· We have to stand up on our little chair and say, “good morning Ma’am!” It was also so funny whenever people answer questions they sing the answers every time! When they read out loud they also always sing it like a song! That’s weird…

· I just sat through Tibetan class, because they are all so advanced; talking and writing stories in Tibetan. The writing is SO pretty, but I obviously can’t read anything!

· My classroom has awesome windows, and I can see the whole Kathmandu Valley! We are up really high, and can see the snowy Himalaya all day…

· I already know that I’m gonna miss my new best friend when we leave Nepal.

· Today was better than I thought it would be. I was so scared for just about everything, and I was feeling awful about how much work I’d have to do; from both Nepal AND Mariposa. It wasn’t that bad though, and the kids were pretty nice to me…. And, yes, I could see the Himalaya from my classroom.

· The morning assembly is really long and confusing. They stand in lines, have long prayers, and also some songs, and everyone in my class plays piccolos and flutes. I’m NEVER gonna learn all those songs!

Here is the official Manosarovar Academy School Photo from this year: (click it to enlarge, and be sure to notice the boy in the front row who is fast asleep in his lap!)

(ps. More Annapurna trek installments will be coming soon!)

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