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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update from Annapurna!

Today is 10/10/10… an auspicious day for a quick update by Himalayan satellite internet! We are currently relaxing in Manang, after a week of trekking Around Annapurna! The girls are doing so amazingly well, hiking strong and hard every day… with lots of breaks for butterflys, snacks, tree climbing, flower sniffing, and every cute dog, goat, cow, cat and yak that we see.

We began in Syange (about 2,000’) in rice fields and sweaty jungly forest, and have ascended through oak and bamboo forests, canyons and chasms, finally up to the high alpine pine belt at around 12,000’. A few nights here to acclimatize, and enjoy the local dayhikes, monasteries, glaciers and bakeries, then 3 days to cross the Thorung La pass (17,500?).

We’ve snapped thousands of photos, and plan to do major blogging posts when we return to Kathmandu around Oct.23-ish. For now, just know that we are seeing and experiencing the most astounding jaw-dropping landscape imaginable! Love to you all!

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