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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Enjoying the Overdosa

We have been FEASTING here in Bangalore! Idlis, Vada, Chowchow Bath, Bisebele Bath, Curd Rice, and Dosas galore. Ahhhh, the dosas! Rava dosa, Ragi dosa, Masala dosa, plain dosa, set dosa, Paper dosa... We are doing our best to try every type as frequently as possible. And then a bit of take-out to bring home some nights? It's called "parcel" here, as they wrap everything up in a neat little parcel to take home. Brindjal (eggplant), Aloo Gobi, Dahl Makhani, Veg. Kadai, etc. etc.

As my Lord-of-the-Rings-crazy daughters pointed out today, "Dad, we sure eat like hobbits! 1st breakfast, 2nd breakfast.... sometimes even 3rd breakfast!" Yes, but should we actually consider 3rd breakfast to be Elevensies or mid-morning tea? "Hmmm.... good question! And how many dinners do we get to have?" At least we are walking long distances around Malleswaram to all of these "hotels" (restaurants) to work off the ghee!

Living in Malleswaram is quite a treat, as any local dosa fiend will tell you. This old "suburb" of downtown Bangalore is blessed with many long-standing delicious eateries, each with legions of die-hard fans! Veena Stores for amazing fluffy idli, and chowchow bath (that's a combo of kesari bath and khara bath, if you're wondering!). Central Tiffin Room (CTR), Hotel Janatha, Adiga's, Shanthi Sagar, New Krishna Bhavan are some of our other favorites. We can really the whole family with an over-abundance of hot & delicious freshly prepared treats, for about $3-7 total.... including chai, coffee, and/or sweet fresh lime juices all around!


  1. They are sure delicious! Isnt the above place Mantri Mall, in Malleshwaram?

  2. Hi twinkywinx... YES indeed that is the huge Mall in the south end of Malleswaram. Near the New Krishna Bhavan. We saw 3-D AVATAR there in the amazingly modern theater. MUCH nicer viewing experience than many in the US... And you get cheap dosas and chaana batura right outside... Ahhhh....