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Friday, September 3, 2010

Free Wifey?

We are in the departure lounge at SFO, about to board our Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong & Bangalore. The kids are hyperventilating with excitement, jumping on the escalators, staring out the window at the 747's taxiing around...

As we got off the BART train, and walked into the airport, Sylvie saw a sign and asked "Dad, why do they offer 'Free Wife' here?" Free Wife? No, I meant 'Free Wifey." I looked up and saw the sign.... aaahhhhh, "Free Wi-Fi"

Karen's parents dropped us off at the BART train, and Paul's folks met us at the airport... We just ate a huge dim sum & noodle soup lunch until the kids were moaning with fullness.... Dad was, as usual, batting in the clean-up position, and ate 3 times his share of noodles. Everyone should be stuffed and bloated, but Eliza is already pestering us to break into all the travel snacks! "Dad can we eat the cheese puffs? ...can we eat the cheese puffs? ...can we eat the cheese puffs?" We're about to board, and they are all sprinkled in fairy cheeze-dust!

I'm only able to blog thanks to the Free Wifey... THANKS Wifey!!!

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