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Monday, August 30, 2010

4 days and counting!

Eliza had her “last day of school” today, which is an odd thing to be saying in August! She’s only attended for a week, but it was really important to her to meet her teachers and get a feel for the school. In fact, almost a year ago we chose our departure date based on her request… Now that she has a better feel for the middle school, and formal classes are officially “on hold” for her, she seems much more able to celebrate our imminent departure. For many months we tried not to even mention the trip to her, as she'd go into whining convulsions about "missing" everything here at home... But now it is such a joy to see her light up when we talk about the trip!!!

She says, “For a long time when we were getting ready to go to India, I really hated the whole idea, because I didn’t want to miss the soccer season, middle school, and a bunch of other things. Now I’ve gone to middle school for a week, and it’s pretty fun…. But now I am getting extremely excited to go back to India! I can’t wait to visit friends, ride horses, and go around Bangalore eating at our favorite places!

I got to go trekking in Nepal when I was just one year old, and I’m so excited to return there and maybe even ride Tibetan ponies! Also I’m most looking forward to the plane rides because I LOVE airplanes… the free food, awesome views of the Himalaya, the movies, and we even get one plane ride with or friends Maya & Dawn. I’m also really excited for having Christmas in Thailand! I can’t wait to go snorkeling, rock climbing, and hang out on the beach… Oh yeah, AND eat tons of Thai food!

But right now, I mostly want to sit down and watch the Lord of the Rings! Can I pleeease start the movie!?

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