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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Departure Scramble - Phase 27

We had a great overnight up to Tuolumne Meadows to help move Karen out of her beloved tent cabin. It's rough for her to leave the high-country a full month early... But at least the unseasonably cold stormy weather made it feel like fall. We had snow flurries on the drive up!!! In August! I LOVE changeable mountain weather!
So we did lots of packing, hauling, and loaded up the vehicles... We wanted to "squeeze in" a quick overnight backpack, but with the snow and the packing frenzy, it seemed a bit too much to organize... But we DID make time for one last soak on the East Side at one of our favorite hot springs! Ahhhhhh..... hot water!

Now we're back at home for a busy 3 nights. After seeing my wife for about 2 days in the last 3 weeks, It will be GREAT to work together on packing, prepping, and loading our life into the shed to make room for our renters. Busy days ahead, but we'll keep chanting our mantra, "It's always worth it.... It's always worth it... It's always...."
The kids are getting more excited each day for our departure! Eliza, who was really reluctant to miss soccer and middle school, is now bubbling over about the upcoming plane flights, treks, food in India, etc... It's great to see her so thrilled!!!! ...finally! Time to sleep! I'll be dreaming of boxes and duffel bags...

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  1. Hi Amstutz Family,

    Sean and I are following your blog, and very excited for you all!
    We have an inkling of what it will be like, after planning and taking our own first trip to India this year.
    OK, and I'm a little jealous.

    Lots of pictures, please!!