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Monday, August 23, 2010

Things are moving fast now!

As we approach departure date (11 days!), everything seems to accelerate. I am busier than ever, packing, cleaning, emailing, skyping, organizing, cooking, etc., but actually am feeling more and more relaxed and deeply grateful & genuinely thrilled for this upcoming adventure. School starts this week, so I'm prepping the classroom all day tomorrow. Our kids start classes on Tuesday, and will attend for a week or so... Then we move Karen down from Tuolumne, do a quick overnight backpack trip (and farewell to the High Sierra), and crank out the final packing frenzy!

I was up late tonight emailing several contacts in Bangalore and Kathmandu... Dishes done, kids all asleep, fuzzy cat purring at my feet... Suddenly the Skype site lit up, and I was on video chats for 2 hours with friends across the globe who are already experiencing tomorrow! Many travel, housing & teaching arrangements to work out... and it was SO fantastic to be talking to friends that we'll see in a couple of weeks! I AM SO PUMPED!!!!!! Waaahhhooooooo!!!! ....OK, relax Paul... easy boy.... time for bed.


  1. Dude, you are a ROckStar and you will be a rockstar in each of your stops along this journey with that awesome family.

    I am sure that you are super busy getting ready to be away, but thanks for sharing this journey with those of us not so creative to plan an amazing journey like you have planned.

    Send India my love and I look forward to seeing amazing photos of the kite fights.

    Ever Forward my friend,

  2. AaaahhhhSHANTI! So good to hear from you! I will indeed experience as much of India as possible on your behalf! We sure had a Fantastic Fulbright exchange, eh?!