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Monday, August 16, 2010

How are the Kids feeling about this?

SYLVIE SAYS... I am soooo excited, especially cuz our good friends Dawn & Maya will meet up with us in Nepal. We're going to have fun showing them around Kathmandu, trekking and rafting. We'll also ride elephants together, and I want there to be a "kids" elephant without adults... you know, like the kids' table at Thanksgiving!

I LOVE flying in airplanes, because it's so fun to look down at the view... You just feel so nice when you're up in the air. Actually, it's much better than being down on the ground! We're a traveling sort of family, so we get to go on planes more than most kids. I feel pretty luck about that! Of course I always want to have a window seat, and I always love the orange juice! They also have yummy cranberry juice. My dad already got us window seats for all the 5 or 6 flights, and says we'll be on the right side of the plane to see the Himalaya when we fly to Nepal.

I can't wait to go back to our old house in Bangalore, and going back to all our favorite restaurants. I really liked our house, and the big palm tree, but it only has a small cement yard. I'm also excited to walk to Sankey Tank and go birdwatching, and see the huge fruit bats swooping around. We can bring home Corner Dosa food wrapped in newspapers, and sit on the roof and watch the bats fly over at sunset! I can't wait to see some old friends like Vimala & Sindhu, and explore their beautiful garden. We won't go to school, but we'll want to visit it. I don't think anyone will remember me, but maybe so. I'll be mad if they make me stand up on stage and sing or something!!!

In Nepal we'll get to visit lots of awesome amazing temples. I love monkey temples, because they have lots of cute baby monkeys on them! They hang out there because they want to get fed, and they want to get worshipped because maybe they think they're so important. Actually the people leave offerings like fruit and flowers, and the monkeys always jump around eating them.

I'm also really excited to eat Thai food and go snorkeling!

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  1. I bet little Xander would like to be on that kind of trip. If we can find a person tolerant enough to petsit Skeech and Vicious, family Bilowart will hope to go on such grand adventures in the future. I'm so excited for all of you as I plan my own dream sabbatical in my mind!