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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Final Frenzy

Sept. 1st... Packing up for 4 months in Asia was, reletively, a breeze. We gave each kid a brief list, a big daypack, and they gathered everything together. Double checking their items, seaching for key missing chunk
s (such as rain-gear, polypro long undies, etc.), and getting our own bags packed really only took a couple of hours. But prepping and cleaning our house for 4 months away took several exhausting marathon days! There were, of course, last minute bills to pay, ancient piles to sort through, and unfinished projects to wrap up. We wanted to leave our sweet home cozy and inviting for the friends who are staying there, and had to empty out plenty of dressers, shelves, closets and cupboards to accommodate their stuff. All our junk went into 57 boxes and duffles that are now stacked floor to ceiling in the shed. It will be big fun in January trying to find my cuff-links, shoe polisher and egg-beater the night we return home!

Right on cue, the night before we left, the bathroom sink clogged AND the toilet flapper valve disintigrated! So there was a bit of plumbing to deal with in the final packing frenzy! (Thanks Al for picking up a new “Korky” valve for us!)

Karen & Paul were both off work these final 3 days, which was critical… The kids mostly attended school, and had sleepovers with friends, allowing us to sprint unhindered around the house with boxes. Multiple friends pitched in to make it all possible, inviting our kids over, taking them to the river, etc. Heather harvested honey… Boxes were carried, and hugs were delivered… Jolynne was the cleaning Angel of all angels, cranking the dance tunes and scrubbing away! THANK YOU!

So now we’re away, with the house as clean, neat and organized as I can recall. We should have taken a picture of the finished product!

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